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A free and popular shooter game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a free and popular first-person multiplayer shooter game that you can download on your Windows computer. Created by Valve Corporation, CS: GO is the fourth addition to the popular Counter-Strike franchise. It features new game modes, maps, weapons, characters, and more. 

The team-based action game provides a new perspective to the classic Counter-Strike content and supports skill-based matchmaking. In its latest version, CSGO features a new and improved user interface. It also offers various learning modes where users can practice against bots before heading off to form a team. A few alternative action games that also provide a similar gaming experience are Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Valorant

Why is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so popular?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an action-packed shooter game that expands upon the original Counter-Strike game, launched in 1999. Just as the first game took the world by storm, the CSGO game with its new and improved graphics also has a large fanbase. Users can participate in Counter-Strike tournaments or watch other players win rounds on streaming platforms like Streamlabs and Twitch

The latest version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features new characters, maps, weapons, and modes. It also provides various tutorials and supports online matchmaking for a fun and competitive gaming experience. Additionally, CS: GO retains the classic game mode so that new players also have a chance to play the original Counter-Strike game. 

What is the gameplay of Global Offensive?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive download for Windows consists of two teams - one team is made up of terrorists, while the other team is of counter-terrorists. Each team has to complete various objectives and fight over bombs and hostages. All matches are segregated into rounds, and if you die in any round, you will have to wait it out. Resurrection is only possible after the round comes to an end. 

Players can easily purchase armor, guns, grenades, and other such weapons using the money earned for individual victories. When it comes to action, the CSGO game doesn’t disappoint. It comes with new maps and characters, such that experienced players also have a hard time winning. In fact, you will need a lot of perseverance to return to the game after getting knocked out by other players. 

To make things easier, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes integrated with a matchmaking system that tests your skills and connects you with players at the same level. By doing this, CSGO gives players a fighting chance against enemy attacks. Nevertheless, getting good at Global Offensive will require patience, practice, and experience! 

What’s new in this version of Counter-Strike?

The latest version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes with a new and improved user interface that offers faster performance. It’s also much easier to maneuver than previous installments of the game. There’s also several tutorials and game modes that can help you become a CS: GO pro. You can practice against bots, learn the layout of the maps, identify blockades, and discover hidden routes to bomb sites and hostages. 

A few months ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has officially been replaced by its successor, Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). This unexpected move by Valve has left many players wondering what the future holds for the beloved FPS franchise.

While the core mechanics and the gameplay in general stays the same, CS2 promises a significant upgrade over its predecessor, with improved graphics, a revamped engine, and several new gameplay features.

The most notable changes to the belowed FPS game are as follows:

  • A new engine called Source 2
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Throwable changes
  • Upgraded the subtick rate (to 128)
  • Revamped skins and items
  • A new ranking system
  • Modernized user interface

While CS2 brings exciting advancements, it also raises concerns for the dedicated community. The transition has unfortunately rendered existing CSGO mods and community servers incompatible until they receive updates. This is a major concern for many players who enjoyed the extensive custom content available in CSGO.

Despite the initial shock and concerns, many players are curious to explore what CS2 has to offer. With its enhanced visuals, gameplay improvements, and modern design, CS2 has the potential to capture the hearts of both veteran Counter-Strike players and newcomers.

Source 1 vs Source 2 engine

The transition from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) running on the Source 1 engine to Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) powered by Source 2 brings significant changes.


CSGO visuals are dated by yesterday's standards, lacking advanced lighting, realistic textures, and detailed environments. Shadows are basic, and overall visuals appear less immersive.

CS2 on the other hand boasts significant graphical improvements. Lighting effects are more dynamic and realistic, textures are sharper and higher-resolution, and environments are richer in detail, creating a more immersive experience.


The core gameplay of CSGO is well-established and familiar. Movement, shooting, and weapon recoil are familiar to veteran players.

CS2 introduces some enhancements to the gameplay. Movement feels smoother and more natural, while weapon handling and recoil are slightly adjusted for a more balanced experience.


CSGO utilizes the Havok physics engine, which can be inconsistent and unpredictable at times. Grenades and object interactions may behave unrealistically.

CS2 employs the advanced Rubikon physics engine, resulting in more realistic and predictable physics simulations. Grenades bounce and interact with objects in a more natural way, leading to a more consistent gameplay experience.


CSGO runs well on older hardware, making it accessible to a wider range of players. However, performance can suffer with high-end graphical settings.

CS2 requires more powerful hardware to run at its full potential, especially with high-resolution textures and advanced lighting effects. While performance is generally improved, lower-end systems might experience reduced framerates.

Overall, the choice between playing CSGO on Source 1 or CS2 depends on your individual preferences and priorities.

If you:

  • Value familiar gameplay and extensive modding capabilities
  • Have older hardware and want to prioritize performance

Then CSGO on Source 1 might still be a good option

However, if you:

  • Prefer cutting-edge graphics and advanced physics
  • Appreciate improved gameplay mechanics and smoother movement
  • Are excited about ongoing updates and future developments

Then CS2 on Source 2 offers a significantly enhanced experience.

Is Counter-Strike Global Offensive free?

Not only is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game free to download and play, it also has a large gaming community. Furthermore, CS: GO games are highly competitive, and players from around the world fight to win the title. The game is also available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, and Portuguese. 

Can you still play CS:GO after CS2?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has been replaced with Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) on Steam. While you can no longer play the original CSGO in its official capacity,

Here is how to play CS:GO in 2023:

  1. Open Steam and right-click on Counter-Strike 2 in your library
  2. Select "Properties" from the context menu
  3. Go to the "Betas" tab
  4. In the "Beta Participation" dropdown menu, select "csgo_legacy"
  5. Steam will download the legacy version of CS:GO

By following these steps and considering the additional information, you can continue enjoying CS:GO even after the full release of CS2.

Can CSGO run on a low-end PC?

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive download is available for 64-bit Windows computers and works on all Windows versions. To run the game without any lags, you will need an Intel Core processor, 2 GB RAM, 15 GB free disk space, and a minimum of 256 MB video card. 

Should I download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

If you are a gamer who wishes to indulge in an action-packed first-person shooter game, then download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The fourth installment of the popular Counter-Strike franchise features a new and improved interface, several game modes, new maps, characters, and weapons. Moreover, the game also has a matchmaking system and provides users with various tutorials and practice game modes to fight against bots. CS: GO is free to download and offers hours of fun and entertainment! 


  • Free to download and play
  • Features new game modes
  • Offers skill-based matchmaking
  • Has a new and improved interface


  • Occasional crashes

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

User reviews about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Ian York

    by Ian York

    I think it's a very fun strategic game. The people that play it are pretty chill and I enjoy playing it very much

  • juan carlos rosado ozuna

    by juan carlos rosado ozuna

    muy bien todo en esta aplicacionno tengo quejas de momento

  • BoOM gaming

    by BoOM gaming

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  • georgi georgiev

    by georgi georgiev

    I Wnt iatLL!

  • abhi roy

    by abhi roy

    the set up is not working after download it ask for disk 1 when I wish to run

  • Nick Chalkiadakis

    by Nick Chalkiadakis



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